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Rules and Regulations

Registration Process:

Choose the league and division in which you are interested in participating. Leagues and Divisions are available for review in the Registration Section.
All participants must be a current member of the The Rinks - Irvine Inline.  Individuals may register over the phone, internet, or at the center.
All teams must submit a $400 deposit of the league fee plus a current roster to secure spot in the league.
No refunds are given once the deposit is paid.
The balance must be paid prior to the third game.
Each team must appoint a team captain, manager or coach to manage any unpaid balances, team suspensions, roster submittal, schedule communication, etc. Frequent forms of communication will be through email or cell phones.

Roster Regulations:

Club – Adult – High School – Recreation – Middle School

Each team must keep the roster on file current and up to date.

Any team using an illegal player will forfeit the game immediately. In addition the captain, coach, or manager on the bench will receive a 1 game suspension.

Rosters will be locked before the 4th game. There is a minimum of 5 games, in a season, that must be played for playoff eligibility; if injured, rink management must be made aware prior to the playoffs.

All players MUST initial the scoresheet at the front desk before the start of the game. Any player arriving after the start of a game MUST sign in with the scorekeeper before entering the playing surface.

During regular season of play Substitute Goaltenders are permitted from a lower age group.

Adults may substitute a goaltender permitted by management.

Girls may play one year down.

Any single player or team judged to be inappropriate for a division will be removed and placed in the proper division. The team will still be responsible for their full team fee.

Recreation Leagues:

All recreation players must be evaluated before being placed on a team.

All recreation players must wear Ducks Recreation Jerseys.

Only true carpool or family requests will be honored.

All players will be played equally at all times. Any coach that does not enforce equal playing time will be removed from their position.

Team rosters may be changed during the season to ensure parity in the league.

Recreation Teams must designate a coach plus a team manager or parent to assist in the communication of schedules, suspensions, practices, etc.

Jr High Leagues:

Each coach must create a 3-ring binder containing team roster indicating which players are free agents, signed waivers and valid student ID’s.

If an ID is not available a report card or addressed letter from the school may be acceptable.

Players without a school team may play for a school as a Free Agent.

A team may have a maximum of 3 players in this category. Players in this category will be referred to as Free Agents.

Any team using Free Agents MUST host an individual tryout prior to the start of the season. A flyer must also be made and posted at the school or The Rinks Irvine Inline bulletin board. This tryout must be a paid rink rental.

A JVB Goaltender will be allowed to be rostered on multiple level teams.

A Varsity or JVA Goaltender will NOT be allowed to play on lower level team

Goaltender substitutions will be allowed during regular season play ONLY.

A JV goalie may substitute for a varsity team. An inexperienced Varsity player may be rostered as a goalie for JV. A Varsity goalie may NOT substitute for a JV team.

Teams will be forced to play in their appropriate division.

Uniform Regulations:

ALL teams must have matching or similar colored jerseys.

Each player must have an original and permanent number on the jersey.

If two opposing teams wear similar jerseys the home team must wear a light colored jersey.

Any violation of these rules will incur a 2-minute delay of game penalty 



Hockey Helmet HECC approved

Full Face Cage with mouthpiece

Elbow Pads

Hockey Gloves

Knee / Shin Guards

Athletic Support

Inline Skate No Brakes or exposed bolts

Stick with buttend taped

Wheels recommended 78A or less



ADULT 18 Years and older 

Hockey Helmet HECC approved 

Elbow Pads 

Hockey Gloves 

Knee / Shin Guards 

Inline Skate No Brakes or exposed bolts 

Stick with buttend taped 

Wheels recommended 78A or less 

Full Face Cage with mouthpiece RECOMMENDED 

Athletic Support RECOMMENDED 

Shoulder Pads RECOMMENDED 

Hockey Girdle RECOMMENDED 

Game Rules:

All Leagues are non-checking.

Mercy Rule – If any time the score differential reaches 10 goals the game will be deemed complete by way of Mercy in favor of the highest scoring team. If a Mercy Rule is reached in any match the winning team must leave the surface and the losing team has the option to use the remaining game time prior to the next scheduled game to practice.

Recreation Leagues have Mercy Rule Option
No offsides

No Icing

A team must have 4 skaters and a goalie to start a game.

3-5 Minute warm up 3 periods 15 minutes.

During the regular season if the game is tied at the end of regulation there will be a 3 minute sudden death overtime.

During playoffs games tied at the end of regulation will go to a sudden death 5-minute overtime. If the game remains a tie, there will be a 3-man shootout. If tied, a sudden death 1 and 1 shootout.

Prior to the shootout the home team elects to shoot first or second.

During a shootout the team must go through the complete eligible bench before a player can shoot a 2nd time.

Any player, coach, or manager may be given an unsportsmanlike penalty, which may result in a game penalty, ejection, or suspension.

Any person under the age of 18 who enters the playing surface or player bench MUST wear an approved helmet with a full facemask.

Tie Breakers:

To determine standing for playoffs:
Team with more wins.
Team with better head to head record
Team with the fewest goals against
Team with the most goals for
Coin Toss
If a three-way tie occurs omit the head to head record

Penalties and Suspensions:

After three penalties in a single game, the player will be ejected from the game.

Any player assessed a game misconduct will automatically receive an immediate game ejection plus a minimum game suspension.

Any player involved in a fight will receive a minimum 2-game suspension. Any player involved in a 2nd fight in the same season will receive an automatic expulsion in that season.

Teams are responsible for the conduct of their fans and may be penalized , suspended or expelled based on the actions of their fans.

No refunds will be granted to players or teams suspended or expelled from leagues.

Suspensions are non-negotiable and will be reviewed on an individual basis.

IHF Rule Book:

Penalities and Guidelines Based from USARS

The Rinks - Irvine Inline Rules and Guidelines:

USA Roller Sports Rulebook

The Irvine Inline Staff reserves the right to enforce or alter rulings to provide parity and growth to the participation of roller hockey.




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Sun, Apr 2, 2017 - 8:00 PM